How to build Richer ASP.NET Ajax apps faster?

ASP.NET application developmentWeb applications being developed today appear smarter and customized compared to older apps. And this is because of the richer set of features they possess. The rich UI with animation, ability to drag and drop custom functionality with gradual introduction to technologies like scalable vector graphics are helping in this transition. One can add toolbar, icons, buttons, bookmarks, which changes the behavior of browsers instantly. Apps can constantly interact with the web server to manipulate data and create new web pages for the users.

With AJAX, developers have been giving their user’s desktop-like functionality and behavior. As web applications are becoming more classic and sophisticated and even more data intensive, more and more web apps are embracing ASP.NET AJAX which helps making the application more and more intuitive and engaging.

AJAX approaches in ASP.NET web apps make use of the UpdatePanel and partial postbacks. Both of these functionalities offer rich features and easy implementation. It is ideal for smaller projects, both approaches transfer large amounts of data. It also has highly effective web service-approach called PageMethods. ASP.NET application development service attracts the world to use it to evolve dynamic and professional websites which will push the enterprise towards the peak level. With Richer ASP.NET Ajax, apps make web pages look and feel much more dynamic and perform faster, while providing a great user experience. AJAX framework plays a major role to get web pages interacting with the servers on other domains and this bridges cross-domain calls seamlessly.

ASP.NET data presentation server is powered by Microsoft AJAX offering control to the client, thus enhancing the power and responsiveness of controls such as the GridView and DetailsView. The data client controls create truly responsive web applications that interact seamlessly not just with servers and data, but also with other servers and other sources of data should one choose.

Features of ASP.NET Ajax

1. Complete cross-browser support
RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX provides a consistent experience across all major browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. To support new browsers and browser versions, Telerik ensures website performance is not interrupted by new browser releases.

2. Highly Accessible ASP.NET AJAX Editor
Telerik support various organizations that bridges the accessibility needs of people with disabilities. It brings innovative enhancements in the ASP.NET AJAX RadEditor and makes it one of the most accessible web-based rich text editors. It even enables new opportunities for sight-impaired users.

3. Tuned for exceptional performance
Achieving exceptional performance is one of the biggest challenges in web development and a key requirement for almost all web applications. With RadControls, one can deliver unrivaled performance even in the most demanding enterprise applications. It features numerous capabilities that help improve website performance, such as built-in AJAX, built-in support for JSON binding on the client. HTTP compression, automatic ViewState, efficient rendering with CSS sprites and semantic HTML and skin resource combining. Used in combination, one can effortlessly optimize websites for maximum performance without writing any complex code.

4. Support for ASP.NET MVC
ASP.NET MVC is a new alternative for building ASP.NET web applications. Alone ASP.NET MVC does not support time saving UI controls. Telerik AJAX UI controls provide support to Microsoft MVC and allow to begin using the emerging platform while still leveraging familiar rich UI controls from ASP.NET WebForms. Telerik also offers native ASP.NET MVC components that are built for this platform.

5. Testing ASP.NET AJAX
Telerik is developer-friendly automated testing tool which helps to test ASP.NET AJAX and functionality at client’s end or bind test steps to a data source without leaving Visual Studio. It supports JavaScript function invocation and validation directly from .NET code.

From the above features things get sorted, while developing these customized applications for varied business users and they can be loaded much faster and deliver the best productive apps.

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